Approaching the halfway point of 2018, it's clear that this is shaping up to be an influential year for kitchen remodeling. As such, our design specialists and expert contractors at Surface Innovations have noted several emerging kitchen trends that have gone on to replace the looks of years past. If you’re thinking of transforming your kitchen, or simply revamping its aesthetic, take a few moments to consider some of this year's most popular design trends.

#1: High-Contrast Colors and Earthy Materials

Varying shades of white have always been a popular choice for kitchen décor. While this type of palette can offer a classically beautiful look, white-on-white kitchens can be difficult to maintain, and the sterile look can be an alienating or off-putting aesthetic for some. This year, homeowners are using darker colors to contrast their kitchen's formerly white backdrop. Some common choices include black, gray, gold, and brown. Homeowners are also investing in fixtures and accents made from earthy materials, like wood and stone, to infuse more warm tones into their space.

The result is a high-contrast, rustic look that’s sleek, sophisticated, and very modern. To get an idea of what the combination might look like, think matte black faucets and shiny black appliances, beautiful marble kitchen counters and backsplash, and gorgeous wood shelving.

#2: Smarter Kitchen Renovation, Smarter Living

Smart kitchens have been gaining popularity over the last decade, but 2018 has taken over as one of the most important years for embracing smarter kitchen features. From sensor-operated kitchen faucets to automatic lighting and more, kitchens are becoming more modern, leaving their older, simpler counterparts in the dust.

#3: The Wellness Kitchen Trend

Homeowners want a kitchen that will help them build a healthier, happier lifestyle. Kitchens can be equipped with healthy eating and living features, like modern storage areas that better preserve fresh foods, or appliances that offer healthier cooking techniques. For homeowners interested in making a serious commitment to health and wellness through their kitchen renovation, miniature organic gardens can be installed right into their kitchen cabinets, with special lighting to optimize plant growth. While that may be going too far for some; many see this as the exact change they need to be more mindful of their health.

Whether you’re thinking of a serious overhaul or a slight renovation for your kitchen, our experts at Surface Innovations can help. For over 17 years, our expert team of design consultants and professional, certified contractors have been helping Albuquerque residents transform their homes with beautiful, affordable, and modern kitchen remodeling solutions.

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